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Muscletech Essential Series Platinum Multivitamin

Muscletech Essential Series Platinum Multivitamin

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Touted to be one of the best daily nutritional support supplements for both men and women, this gym-centric addon is certainly one of the best inclusions to your fitness diet.


  • 60 tablets
  • Dietary supplement
  • 18 vitamins and minerals
  • Over 100% Vitamin C and E value
  • 865mg amino support
  • 536mg herbal matrix
  • Enzymes and minerals complex

Product overview 

  • Each tablet contains a rich dose of 18 essential vitamins and minerals.
  • The formula contains vitamins A, C, E, B6 and B12. These help you meet 100% and more of your daily vitamin requirements.
  • You also get 865 milligrams of amino support to further improve your gym and fitness output.
  • At 536 milligrams, the herbal matrix contained in each capsule brings you a wholesome and organic dose of essential nutrients, making this product a truly complete multivitamin complex formula.
  • You can enjoy more than 100% of your daily vitamin requirements, and with no side-effects or overdosage.
  • Your immune system also stands to gain from the zinc and Vit-C combo in this product.
  • Being a comprehensive formulation, you getherbal, enzyme, and mineral support complexes to benefit any and all workout regimens.


                                                                  Vitamin blend (A, C, E, B6 and B12), amino complex, zinc, herbal matrix.


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