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Muscletech Essential Series Platinum 100% Glutamine

Muscletech Essential Series Platinum 100% Glutamine

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A noteworthy post-workout gym supplement, this one packs premium ingredients in a formula that promises to help with muscle development like never before.


  • HPLC tested
  • 5g pure Glutamine
  • Increased cell volume
  • Protein synthesis
  • Glycogen post-workout replenishment

Product overview 

  • The blend comprises one of the best formulas to replenish plasma glutamine following rigourous workouts.
  • Each serving contains 5 grams of pure Glutamine, which restores that very biochemical used up during strenuous workouts.
  • What is Glutamine? It is the most abundant non-essential free amino acid in your body. In fact, over 20% of the total circulating amino acids in your body are Glutamine.
  • Muscles are particularly dense in Glutamine content. They are key to muscle metabolism.
  • During hard gym workouts, your muscles lose around half their Glutamine stores, which is why you need a 'restorer' supplement like this one.
  • Glutamine directly influences how your body controls catabolism. It serves as a free nitrogen donor to aid your muscles in building other amino acids essential for swift post-workout recovery.
  • Glutamine is also crucial for cell volume increase, protein synthesis, and glycogen replenishment.




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