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Fast&up Recovery EAA Intra - Training/Workout Drink for Muscle Recovery

Fast&up Recovery EAA Intra - Training/Workout Drink for Muscle Recovery

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India's first ever recovery drink for fitness enthusiasts, this health and dietary supplement comes boasting all the right nutrients needed for exercisers and gym goers.


  • 20 complete amino acids
  • Also includes EAA and Glutathione
  • Promotes post-workout muscle recovery
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Supports muscle protein synthesis
  • Reduces muscle breakdown
  • Decreases muscle stress

Product overview 

  • Promotes not just a boost to dormant energy levels but also provides one of the most remarkable post-workout muscle recovery times among products of this type.
  • Contains 20 essential amino acids that help with a plethora of key muscle-centric needs: protein synthesis, anti muscle breakdown, reduced muscle stress, recovery following intense exercises.
  • Simply fizz-dissolve each capsule in 250ml glass of water and consume.
  • The formulation also contains an outstanding blend of EAA and Glutathione for enhanced recovery and prevention of muscle breakdown and cellular damage restriction.


              Amino acid blend, EAA, Glutathione.



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