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Plunge your malign weight and procure your Healthy Weight.     

It’s fun gorging on luscious desserts, snacking up buttery popcorn forgetting you’re on the fifth concurrent cheat day ditching those guilt-free snacks. You’ll start regretting once you begin to notice your ugly double chin in your selfies and tingling & burning pain around your waist from your jeans pants. Slimming down those extra pounds you gained from binging those samosas with your chai is no picnic.

Obesity is a very common chronic disease and can last for years or lifelong. More than 10 million cases are reported in India every year.

    Product overview 

    • Fighting Obesity with Weight Cleanse:

      #tackle obesity # Hyperlipidemia #Hypercholesterolemia

      • The modest benefits of Weight Cleanse capsules will help you battle obesity-related health risks. Obesity can lead to metabolic syndromes like Hyperlipidemia and Hypercholesterolemia.
      • Weight cleanse capsules forbids production of new fat cell bodies as well as lowers the level of cholesterol and triglycerides (lipids).


    • The Goodness of the plant extracts in Weight Cleanse:

      #Burn your fat with no sweat

      • Weight cleanse is the first-rate formulation of plant constituents like Green coffee Bean extracts, Garcinia-Cambogia and Green tea extracts; Each of these are extensively studied and their medicinal value is well documented.
      • Green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acids which have antioxidant effects and help in lowering blood pressure and weight loss.
      • Green tea is crammed with catechins, antioxidants that aid in fat burn and boosting immunity.
      • Weight cleanse also constitutes caffeine which helps reduce fatigue, impede the onset of tiredness and improve mental functions.


                  These herbal health supplements when used along with diet and good regular exercise, help to accelerate weight loss and obtain a healthy weight. Take 1300mg/day with a proper calorie-restricted diet. For better results, continue the suggested dosage for at least 3 months OR as directed by a physician.

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