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Most of the Omega capsules available in the market are sourced from fish. We present you with a much better healthy option, vegan omega; sourced from flaxseed powder.

Omega -3 are essential fatty acids; Flax seeds are rich in fatty acids alpha-linoleic acid (ALA);they are essential hence our body can’t make them. It is thought to decrease the risk of heart disease and also lower blood clots.

    Product overview 


      Cardiac Wellness:

      #Raises Good Cholesterol #Lowers Triglycerides

      • Triglycerides store unused calories and provide our body energy. High triglycerides combined with cholesterol raise your risk for Heart attacks and strokes.
      • Vegan Omega Capsules are a wholesome collaboration of omega fatty acids which helps in the reduction of Triglycerides and also reduces high blood pressure.
      • Omega fatty acids also raise HDL (High-Densitylipids) levels which are good cholesterol.


    • Beneficial to Brain:

      #Supports Nervous System #better fetal brain development

      • Omega Supplementation is linked to Higher Intelligence and lower risk of several mental disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.
      • Getting enough Omega-3s during pregnancy is associated with decreased risk of developmental delay better intellectual and fewer behavioral problems.
      • OmegaOmega-3 supplements may help prevent and treat depression and anxiety and sleep apnea, and other Neuro-generative & Cognitive disorders.


    • Healthier Source:

      #Fiber rich #Free from harmful toxins

      • Flax seeds are also rich in Fiber which improves bowel regularity.
      • And Unlike fish sourced omega which may contain toxins like mercury from polluted water plant-sourced omega supplements like Vegan Omega capsules are free from harmful toxic substances.


                  It is suggested to people who don’t eat fatty fish & seafood frequently. And usually not recommended to people with no CVD risk. Take 1000mg /day OR as directed by a physician.

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