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OZIVA Plant Based Collagen Builder Powder (With Vitamin C & Biotin)

OZIVA Plant Based Collagen Builder Powder (With Vitamin C & Biotin)

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A 100% plant-based collagen builder whose formula comes designed to promote youthful radiant skin, and reverse skin ageing. Collagen replenishment is important because pollutants (in food, air, water), stress levels, and over-exposure to direct sunlight deplete natural collagen stores in the body.


  • Anti-ageing properties
  • Promotes youthful and radiant skin
  • 70 mg Silica
  • 40 mg Vitamin C
  • 252 mcg Biotin

Product overview 

  • Outstanding blend of more than 21 plant-based wholefoods. These ingredients support the body's own natural collagen production.
  • They include acerola cherry (Vit-C, co-factor in collagen synthesis), bamboo shoot (silica-rich, rejuvenates skin), SesbaniaAgati (biotin-rich, reduces wrinkles), rose petals (powerhouse of antioxidants, promotes glowing and youthful skin), acai berry (rich in vitamins A and C, repairs skin damage), and sea buckthorn (great source of omega-7, boosts collagen production).
  • Maintains healthy levels of collagen, keratin, and elastic-3 proteins that promote glowing skin.
  • Contains 8 anti-ageing ingredients.
  • Contains 10 pro-collagen superfoods.
  • Contains 3standardized wholefood vitamin extracts.
  • Also contains 70 mg Silica (sourced from natural bamboo shoots), 40 mg Vitamin C (sourced from Acerola Cherry, and safeguards against UV damage), and 252 mcg Biotin (for skin repair and regeneration), all of which promotebeautiful skin.
  • Absolutely no added sugar, soy, or gluten. Each jar of this product is also non-GMO.
  • Certified by the Vegan Society, UK.


                    Acerola cherry, bamboo shoot,SesbaniaAgati,rose petals, acai berry, and sea buckthorn,keratin, elastic-3 proteins, silica, Vit-C, biotin.

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