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MusclePharm(MP) Essentials Z-PM Capsules

MusclePharm(MP) Essentials Z-PM Capsules

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MusclePharm Z-PM Essentials helps fitness enthusiasts get full and sufficient sleep to maximize their healing quotient following rigourous workouts.


  • Promotes deep sleep
  • Supports ideal muscle recovery
  • Enhances natural testosterone production
  • 60 servings

Product overview 

  • Each serving contains one of the best formulas for efficient and deep sleep.
  • Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate this, because deep sleep has potent healing benefits in relation to workouts.
  • These healing options include tissue repair, which in turn promotes noteworthy muscle recovery.
  • You will also observe good muscle growth, testosterone levels, and anabolic hormone production.
  • In each serving, you get an accurate dose of Z-Core PM ingredient ratios.
  • The product also contains the synergistic effects of fenugreek. This herbal ingredient supports natural free testosterone levels and healthy libido functions.
  • This product is good for both men as well as women, but it comes recommended for men owing to its testosterone boosting properties.


                                                              Z-Core PM (trademark), fenugreek.


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