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Fast&Up L-Arginine

Fast&Up L-Arginine

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An ideal pre-workout supplement to improve stamina, this selection is a favourite among all types of fitness enthusiasts.


  • 1500mg L-Arginine
  • Improved stamina
  • Nitric Oxide boost
  • No added sugar

Product overview 

  • One of the most effective L-Arginine pre-workout supplements, this product gets you 1500 milligrams of pure and 100% high quality L-Arginine.
  • You can delay the onset of exercise-based fatigue and thus improve stamina ratings. 
  • Physical activity generates lactic acid build-up in muscles. This product eliminates excess build-up and ensures better stamina. 
  • L-Arginine is also known to boost Nitric Oxide (NO) levels in your muscles. This in turn promotes better blood and oxygen flow to muscles for superior gym performance. 
  • Swift absorption rates and a fast-action formula add to its worth. 
  • No sugar was added to this product and it also comes banned-substance tested. 



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