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Updating Calcium intake


Seaweeds have gained critical acclaim in the health industry across the globe due to their bioactive components.

Calcium is a vital mineral, developing strong bones and teeth, keeping a normal heartbeat, blood clotting and nerve functions are a few of its very important jobs.

  • Seaweed extract 100mg
  • Calcium citrate 100mg
  • Vitamin D3 400IU

      Product overview 

        • A vegetarian source for calcium with important mineral pairing:

          #Magnesium for calcium absorption

          • Advanced calcium supplements are prepared with seaweed which is amazingly high in calcium; calcium comes naturally paired with magnesium in seaweed and other trace minerals, it is readily absorbed into the body.
          • Magnesium is needed for calcium absorption; it helps deposit calcium into our bones, preventing osteoporosis.
          • These supplements also include vitamin D3 which is another mineral necessary for calcium absorption derived from a plant source.


        • Prevents bone deterioration and neurological diseases:

          #Dementia #dental care #osteoporosis

          • Very advantageous to restore the calcium in your body easily and quickly if your diet lacks in calcium (eg. dietary intolerance to foods rich in calcium, or due to some medication).
          • Promotes dental care, prevents consequences of developing osteoporosis, weakening bones, nervine disorders like Alzheimer's, anxiety, Dementia, Low cognitive function.
          • It includes Calcium Citrate Malate in conjunction with vitamins, which are very powerful in treating weak bones as they have high bioavailability.


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